Induction System SMART BOX – Premium Version

Our intelligent Induction System.

The Smart Box is the revolutionary induction heating system, that is an intelligent solution for speeding up and simplifying the removal of glued (windows, plastics, stickers etc.) or blocked parts (bolts, gear wheel etc.) from vehicles. Moreover it is easier to remove damages caused by hail.This machine also guarantees maximum control of all operations by adjusting its intensity in an itelligent and completely automatic manner using an innovative, microprocessor system Dynamic Check.In a few seconds, using the pronciple of electromagnetic induction, it is able to transfer a great quantity of heat locally without damaging either rubber, plastic and painted surfaces or the surrounding area. This flameless technology and the EMF certification complete an innovative product that garantees big savings of time andexcellent results.


  • Automatic tool identification

  • 6 different tools in one kit

  • Push-button or pedal-operated control

  • Large operation range

  • Connectable for normal 230 V - socket

  • A lot of accessories are included for the scope of delivery

  • You can hear a noise bycurrent flow

  • Only the magnetic metal parts are heated


  • Smart Box basic unit

  • Wedges (3 pcs.)

  • Universal-releaser

  • Metal-releaser

  • Hand pad

  • Glas-releaser

  • Pedal

  • Coilholder-kit incl. 2 coils

  • Trolley


Supply voltage: 200 - 240V - 1 ph
: 50 - 60 Hz
P max. : 2,4 kW
F out: 35 - 100 kHz
P out : max. 2,3 kW
Class of protection: IP21

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