Cooperation Partners

Behind the distribution of KAMATEC GmbH are other good names, such as EUROIMPIANTI, BETAG Innovation and TKR PowerTools.


TKR Logo  


For many years TKR is our trustworthy partner for riveting tools. They have made a name for them selves. The manufracturer TKR stands for high quality and endurance, made in Germany. The development, documentation and production of precision type special tools – particularly for cable production technology – is a great challenge. In addition to the increasingly rapid advances in technological development, demands in quality and precision in even the smallest parts are increasing. Since 1993 we have been engineering and producing in close co-operation with well-known contact piece and housing manufacturers of the automotive industry.

Our Sales Area: Worldwide (except US, GB)

PNP 90 UN 2.0
PNP 90 XT2
Blind Riveting Tool BNW25kN for PNP 90
RIVKIT UN 2.0 – Audi Edition
PNP 90 XT2 – JLR Edition
Docking Station XT2
Granule Jet Balsting Device PG 5-8
Saugadapter für Granulat-Punktstrahlgerät PG 5-8



For over 30 years, CAR-O-LINER have been supplying the automotive industry with reliable and profitable accident repair systems, including advanced engineering, training and customer service. More than 40,000 Car-O-Liner accident repair systems are in use worldwide. Car-O-Liner has operations in Sweden, Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Thailand and China and sells its products through local distributors in more than 60 countries. CAR-O-LINER is synonymous with high quality, advanced technology and ergonomic design.

Our Sales Area: Germany

 Quick42 mit Car-O-Tronic Vision2 Classic und EVO 1, 2, 3 mit Wand
Multifunktions-Punktschweißanlage CTR12000
PointX II Diagnose-Messstab
CAR-O-LINER Messsystem CAR-O-TRONIC Vision2 Classic
CAR-O-LINER Mini-Richtbank SPEED
CAR-O-LINER EVO 1 — Die Basisverankerungen
CAR-O-LINER EVO 3 — Festhalten & Fixieren

BETAG Innovation Logo


BETAG Innovations intention is making the modern auto bodyshop technician’s work more efficient. Time is money. So everything we do is focused on helping this technician get his or her job done faster and better. BETAG believe that far too many damaged body panels are being replaced today. For the simple reason that many body shops don’t have the tools to repair these panels. We do.

Our Sales Area: Germany

BETAG Innovation | Flatliner
BETAG Innovation | Alumet-SPOT ECO 2.0
Betag Innovation BEA Full Set
BETAG Innovation Power Knobs
Drückerstangen 25-tlg. Set
BETAG Innovation | Gluepuller GP2
BETAG Innovation T-Hotbox PDR
Alu T-Hotbox



EUROSIDER has been operating globally since 1973: They design and manufacture equipment for nitrogen and oxygen production and we market it throughout the world. Our generators for industrial gases operate by means of a hollow fiber membrane or PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption): the purity of the gas produced is preset and can be regulated by the user.

Our Sales Area: Germany, Austria

NITRO MASTER - Lackieren mit Stickstoff

POLIFLUID - Pulverbeschichten mit Stickstoff

NITROTHERM-SPRAY NTS J40 - Lackieren mit Stickstoff

NTS Schlauch


The company, founded in 1976, is based in the Italian province of Verona. The company attaches importance to research and development, as well as the latest technology in the paint shops. Over the years, Euroimpianti has launched various paint shops that can be customized and expanded to meet customer needs. In 2011, the company patented the world's first paint shop for three-dimensional workpieces with IR and UV lamp polymerization. The company has opened another production facility in Brazil. The production facilities of Euroimpianti do Brasil cover 1,500 square meters, including machine tools for sheet metal cutting from cutting to welding, an internal surface finishing paint shop and a spare parts warehouse.

Our Sales Area: Germany, Austria

EURO90 – Coating in automatic mode
KOMBY – Painting in manual mode


BIAX is a trademark of the Swabian family business Schmid & Wezel, founded in 1919. We have always developed and produced high-precision and high-quality pneumatic and electric tools. All machines are manufactured in Germany and Switzerland and are tailored to the needs of the metalworking industry.

BIAX Car Body Saw PS1
BIAX Car Body Saw PS2
BIAX Car Body Saw PS3

SprayVision Logo

SprayVision is a company focused on the analysis of spray patterns, their evaluation, process control and non-contact thick film measurement. Due to the years of experience in the field of paint shop optimization, the founders know what is important in the paint job. Quite the slogan „It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see!”

Our Sales Area: Germany

SprayVision SprayCapture


ULTRATECH Group, based in Italy, design and manufacture machines all around the subject of painting. One focus of the company is on cleaning machines, which stand out above all for their functionality, productivity and safety in the working environment. The result is cleaning machines that allow pieces without contaminants and residues from previous processing to be obtained.

Our Sales Area: Germany