Alu T-Hotbox

Alu T-Hotbox for repairing dents in aluminum.

This tool is revolutionizing the way small to medium damages are being repaired on Aluminum.  It has always been a challenge to repair aluminum panels due to its material characteristics using any type of repair method.  The Alu T-Hotbox is using the material characteristics to its advantage and makes the reparability very simple.  The extreme thermal expansion characteristics of the material and activating it locally makes the repairs fast and easy.  In the first stage the tool measures the resonance frequency of the tool in resonance with the material.  Every aluminum panel has its own and different frequency.  Than it adjusts itself to the optimal frequency and activates the material. This activation allows the material to realign itself.

Due to the fact that, the thermal expansion is much greater than on steel it allows larger repairs to be done.  By using this tool it makes the repairs on Aluminum in many cases much easier than steel panels.


  • Handy size

  • long cable for flexibile working

  • High Quality

  • Adjustable Setting

  • Adjustable impulse energy

  • Adjustable impulse time


  • Alu T-Hotbox unit

  • Alu Heat Pen T

  • Cable

  • Robust case

  • Manual


Power Supply Voltage: 230 V
Power (input): max. 1400 VA
Power Factor: > 0,95
Ambient temperature: 5 - 40 °C
Relative air humidity: < 90 %

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